The website for the Family Allowance Fund ‘CAF’  [‘Caisses d'Allocations Familiales’] has information on family-related services and accommodation help, forms to download, addresses, and the role of the CAF and the services it provides.  In our case, the kind of support given is ‘ALS’ support [aides au logement à caractères sociales].  You will need to have a CAF account and make a declaration on a document for ‘FOYER’ - ‘Hall of Residence’. 

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Between September and November the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris runs a welcome service for foreign students, with CAF and the RATP in attendance.  You will find contacts here that will be useful for your stay.


A unique site in the world that is dedicated to welcoming and meeting students, researchers, artists and high-level sportsmen and women representing over 140 nationalities.  This is a private foundation that is a recognised public-interest organisation, and belongs to the Parisian universities.  The campus is the largest in the Île­de­France area, with a capacity for 5700 accommodation rooms.  This is a humanist initiative designed to promote peace through bringing young talents together from the world over into a single place.  This is also an institution with an international dimension:  the nations that are represented within the different Residence halls take part in the management of the Cité internationale.

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This site is dedicated to the student Residence of Arts et Métiers. 

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This is the official website for the Arts Dance [‘Danse aux Arts’] evenings, during which you can learn Salsa and Rock n Roll free of charge.

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The Alliance International is the association of former residents of the Cité internationale universitaire  of Paris (CIUP). This is a living memory of the CIUP, and its aim is to enable residents to conserve and develop friendship connections beyond their stay in Paris at the Cité internationale, being part of a network of several thousand former students spread all over the world.  Every 2 years a large get-together is organised, called the RIAC. 

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