As a priority, students of the Paritech Ecole des Arts et Métiers are accommodated, but with the semesters changing the large House is no longer being filled up, and students undergoing other kinds of training are therefore welcome.


There are 710 places in the 2 buildings.  12 rooms have a mezzanine, and 24 are double rooms.

The beds on offer were renovated in 2000, and have a surface area of around 10m² (single) and have a wash basin and the furniture needed for any student, as well as Internet access and a television socket.

Every room in the Residence is accessed via an electronic keycard that is given to the resident, to ensure the safety of the student’s possessions.  Locks are opened with a contactless card, and this key can also be used to open the main door.

The keys are valid for the duration of the stay, but must be activated on the validator at the main door once a week.  If the student is absent for more than a week then the key can be re-activated if it is within its validation period.

All the rooms have the following furnishings:   

  • a bed (80*200 cm) ; 
  • a bedside table ;
  • a work desk with a drawer and a chair ;
  • a two-compartment storage unit ; 
  • a wardrobe together with a storage space ; 
  • a 5 level shelving unit with a closet on top.

There is also a bathroom space that has:

  • a wash basin with cold/hot water mixer
  • a small storage cupboard above the wash basin with mirror and an electric shaving point

All the rooms are equipped with :

  • several electrical power points 
  • a TV aerial point, an FM antenna point 
  • a network point with Internet connection  
  • and a telephone power point (not connected at present) 
  • Bed linen: pillow and cover, blanket and cover 
  • 2 sheets are supplied upon arrival, and these are to be left in the room upon departure

The Internet is included in the room and can be accessed as soon as you arrive.

The Internet is a wired connection and not Wi-Fi.  An RJ45 cable can be bought upon arrival for 7 Euros. 

There is limited electrical power, and for this reason the following items are not allowed in the rooms:

  • refrigerators larger than 70 litres, 
  • electric plates or gas-powered re-heating plates,
  • ovens and microwaves, 
  • multi-socket power adaptor
For legal reasons, room cleaning by the House staff is compulsory, so there is no point in putting a notice on the door saying ‘No room cleaning please’.

To set up a telephone line you will need to contact the internet access service provider (NEO-SERVICES).  Telephone lines are not set up with the Maison des Arts et Métiers (Residence Hall for Arts et Métiers students). A handset is not provided.

A terrestrial TV is freely accessible and available as a matter of course.

Terrestrial TV channels are freely available via the internet network.  Your room is cleaned once a week by the service personnel.  The rest of the time it is your job to empty the bin and keep your room clean.  When the service personnel have cleaned your room, this will be communicated to you via a housekeeping record form that will be fixed to your room door.  You are kindly requested to let the administration know if there is any problem with this facility.  


Your key is an electronic card that unlocks the door as you approach the lock.  You can use this key to open the main door of the building and the bathroom areas, and it is valid for the duration of your stay.

It is an absolute requirement that you present the card to the validator of the main door at least one a week for the key to work.  This is a security measure to block lost cards.

The validation will work of the key is still valid even after an absence of 15 days.  It can also be modified to add authorisations such as the kitchen on a particular floor, or the bike park.  Access to the kitchen on each floor is monitored.  

Your room is for you alone, and it is an absolute requirement that you request authorisation if you wish to have an outsider stay for one or more days.  There is a form to fill out at reception, and this must be filled out at least 7 days beforehand.  An outsider may not stay with you for longer than 10 days.  Any outsider found in a room without authorisation will be asked to leave the building immediately.


When you leave, please remember to return your key to Reception, as this is the signal that your room is free again.

The key must be in good condition and not bear any signs of having been personalised for your use, otherwise you will be invoiced for it.
You may leave luggage behind while you are on holiday, please contact Reception for this.

If you leave earlier than initially expected then a one month notice period is required.  This may involve a re-calculation of fees charged.  The room must be left clean and empty.  Sheets must be left on the bed.