Please be aware:  you are strongly advised against having a car in Paris (due to deterioration of vehicle, risk of theft and so on)

Public transport is Paris is comprehensive enough for the residents’ needs to be met.  The Maison des Arts et Métiers (Residence Hall for Arts et Métiers Students) has a lockable two-wheel vehicle garage area in each building which can be unlocked using the room key.  Please ask for access to this garage before you arrive or during your stay.

There is no private parking facility for cars, but you can park at the foot of the building when you are moving in or out.  Please put in a request to do this beforehand.

If you are a resident in the New House and you wish to move in or out using a vehicle then you will need to ask to access the car park area from the Paris Cité Internationale University.  You will need to fill out a form at the administration department, who will fax the request.  This form must be completed 72 hours in advance.


There are several washing machines and dryers available within the Residence (Old House).  You need to pay to use them and they are managed by the ENSAM Students’ Union.


Housekeeping services will deal with cleaning everyday dirt from all of the communal areas such as showers, toilets and corridors.  The aftermath of any parties or celebrations is to be cleaned up by those responsible. 

Bins that can be used to sort waste are available on every floor.  You are kindly requested to use these properly.  They are emptied every day by the housekeeping staff except on Sundays and public holidays.

Please do not continue to drop litter in bins that are already full.  You are requested to tie the bag, take it out and place it next to the bin, and then insert a fresh bin liner which can be found at the bottom of each bin on the floor.


Letters and parcels are taken in at Reception.  Letters are distributed at the end of the day into individual post boxes.

Parcels and letters requiring proof of delivery or receipt are kept at Reception, and a notification of receipt of such an item will be placed in your post box.


This will be given to you on the day you arrive.  It is needed for some of the Cité U services and is evidence of your status as resident if the area needs to be secured.


The hall of the old house and work rooms of the old house on the ground floor are equipped with wi-fi available and free.


The hall of the old house has a paid printing system called Printbox. This unit allows you to print in color or black and white from a USB drive or another, scan and save documents.