3 to 4 times a month, the Arts et Métiers IR Services, by agreement with the Residence Foundation of the Engineering Arts et Métiers students, organises conferences with business leaders in attendance, who come along to talk about their career paths.

These conferences are followed by a friendly drink that are a great opportunity for students and businesspeople to get together.  They usually take place in the small lounge of the Old House located at 1 avenue Pierre Masse 75014 Paris.
The schedule will be posted when it has been finalised.


Affiche Danse aux artsEvery Monday and Tuesday evening except special days and holidays, the Maison des Elèves ingénieurs Arts et métiers (Residence Hall for Arts et Métiers Engineering Students) allow their premises to be used freely by dance organisers for free dance lessons
Learn more at their website: ​

For the year 2014­2015, ​from 6th October 2014​ lessons are held every Monday and Tuesday evening at the following times:    

Monday Reception Room Cafetiere
1930 -˃ 2030 Beginner’s Salsa Club lesson Bachata course (until January 2015)
2030 -˃ 2130 Free Salsa dance Beginner’s 60s Rock lesson
2130 -˃ 2230 Free Salsa dance Free Rock dance
Mardi Reception Room Cafetiere
1930 -˃ 2030 Beginner’s 60s Rock lesson Advanced 60s Rock lesson
2030 -˃ 2130 Free Rock dance Beginner’s Salsa Club lesson
2130 -˃ 2230 Free Rock dance Free Salsa dance

The Arts Dance Team reserves the right to select participants.​  Given that everything is free, we welcome a large amount of people.  We have therefore set out a list of priorities:

  • 1. Technology students,
  • 2.  Cité Universitaire students
  • 3. External students
  • 4. Non students

Please ensure you bring identifying documentation.  The ImagineR card is not considered an identifying document unless it is accompanied by the Bons Plans card.


For Rock lessons :

For the Rock&Roll lessons at advanced level, a minimum of 1 year’s experience is required.

For Salsa lessons :

To complement the Latin spirit, we will also be doing a bit of bachata and merengue dancing at the end of the evening



The floors of the Old House correspond to the Engineering and Technology schools and classes outside Paris apart from the ground floor and 7th floor.  If you are an Engineering and Technology student that came from a school outside Paris then it is likely that you will be at the floor of your original school, subject to availability.

  • 1st floor: Aix en Provence
  • 2nd floor: Bordeaux/Metz
  • 3rd floor: Chalons en Champagne
  • 4th floor: Cluny
  • 5th floor: Lille
  • 6th floor: Angers
You can change rooms during the year.  There are 2 room change request sessions: 1 soon after the start of term in September/October, and 1 in around February or March.  The first to request the change will get the room change they want quite quickly.  The cost for this is 10 Euros.  There is no point in requesting a room change as soon as you arrive because you are by the ring road or your room is not convenient.  You will be informed by email of the room change request sessions.


There is a kitchen on every floor.  Kitchens can be freely accessed in the New House.
In the Old House, the kitchens are run by kitchen or floor managers.
These managers volunteer their services at the beginning of the academic year and they manage access to the kitchens themselves.

The manager is be the spokesperson for communication between residents on their floor and the management.

This means that they take part in the Residents’ Committee meetings that is made up of all floor managers.

Each person requesting access to the kitchens must also be involved in keeping the floor kitchens clean.
If you wish to access the kitchen floor, then you need to request authorisation from the floor manager, and commit to cleaning and tidying the kitchen on a regular basis.

Once the administration department has been informed then the department contacts the floor manager to inform them of the access authorisation, adding access to your keycard that will have already been given to you at the reception stage.

The same goes for the common room.  Housekeeping services will clean up the kitchens and the common rooms of the Old House now and then.  If they judge the state of the common space to not be maintained to a sufficiently high standard then they will refuse to do any cleaning and will ask for the poorly maintained kitchen or common room to be closed.


There are toilets and showers on each floor, and these can be accessed using the keycard that gets you into your room.  These bathroom areas are segregated and separate for men and women, and are cleaned on a daily basis on working days (this includes cleaning and topping up the toilet rolls).

Toiletries such as shower gel, shampoo and towels are not provided.

Since September 2012, so-called ‘squat’ toilets have been put in on each floor of the New House.


Each building has a common room that is for the exclusive use of the residents (in the Old House it is in the basement, and in the New House it is on the 4th floor).  These areas may have sofas, fridges and drinks distributors.  Use of these areas is subject to management agreement. 


There are several rooms in the Residence that can be reserved (subject to conditions of use) upon a written notice that is available at Reception:

Old House:

  • The library with a baby grand piano that can be used as a meeting room (a large table and chairs are available)
  • The basement common room
  • The cafeteria (deposit required with reservation)
  • The banquet hall (deposit required with reservation)

New House:

  • The meeting room (a large table and chairs are available)
  • The cafeteria, which has an upright piano
  • The Babylon room on the 4th floor

Pianos can be freely used.  The resident is to ask for the key at Reception and write their name in a book.  

All rooms and communal spaces are exclusively for the use of residents of the House.  Outsiders may not access these communal spaces, regardless of whether or not they are former residents.

There are other activity rooms available, and these are run by the Residents’ Committee or by the Students’ Union:

Fitness room :
A room has been fitted with fitness equipment, treadmills and a punch bag in the basement of the Old House.


Registration is every semester.
€15 / SEMESTER FOR GADZARTS  [Arts & Metiers alumni]
€30 /SEMESTER FOR NON-GADZARTS [Arts & Metiers alumni]

Registration and access is managed by a resident.  You are requested to contact Reception for the resident’s contact details.  The fitness room may be closed during the summer holidays.

* Workshop room [Salle Brico] : The workshop room area is open to all and is free of charge.  Access is subject to the authorisation of the resident responsible for the workshop area.  You are requested to contact Reception for the resident’s contact details.

* Music room : The music room is open to Gadzarts [Arts & Metiers alumni], and is fully equipped.  Rehearsals can be held until 10pm.  Once again, access is controlled.